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We champion journalism and advertising initiatives that engage our multiplatform audiences.

Using emma and various other research data, we produce a range of weekly audience insights and infographics, covering key advertiser verticals and newspaper media readership. In addition, The Works is our quarterly report on newspapers and their audiences, full of useful readership insights covering print and digital, as well as special features.

Our in-demand creative benchmarking service, ADvance, tests print creative and scores it against industry norms.

Keep up to date with our regular case studies that demonstrates the effectiveness of advertising in newspaper media.

emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) is Australia’s cross-platform audience insights survey which provides readership data for more than 600 newspapers and magazines.

A free and simple online mapping tool featuring 500 newspapers to fast-track your media channel planning.

Bid on Print is a simplified, end-to-end private exchange for the buying of print media through one easy-to-use website. Member restricted.

We hold the region’s largest industry annual conference, the Future Forum, well-known for its host of international speakers. The prestigious Newspaper of the Year awards attracts publications and digital news brands from across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Discover more about our events and industry awards.

Newspapers are the most trusted paid medium in Australia, ahead of TV, radio and online.